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i see people like

praising it

what the hell

it was the worst thing ever ever

and now theyre remaking kings quest

i want to cry
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You can check it out here:…

Enjoy XD
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Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to everyone who fav'd/commented on Retreat yesterday (and to all my new watchers)! Kinda wild to get a second DD, just thinking back to when I first joined deviantart in 2004 and that seemed like an impossibility.

SO uhh



some people said the pic reminded them of adventure time, which i had never seen, so i watched it right now and that show is awesome!
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thanks for the birthay messages guys. i'm 21 hooraaaay. although that in the uk that means pretty much nothing. i think i can legally become a bus driver or something (too bad i cant drive/dont want to be beat up by drunks)

lack of updates is because i'm still working on a music video and 2 flash games along with steadily increasing uni coursework. i do have a vector landscape in the works, but i'm doing it reallllly slowly so it turns out extra good.

also, happy halloween! i won't be doing anything. possibly watching rocky horror again alone in my room with the door closed.

hmm what else. an interview with me might be turning up on vectortuts soon, featuring ~yet unseen~ things i'm working on.

sooooo yeaaaah. hope your halloweens are more interesting than mine.
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I'm in the exposure section of issue 180 (sex+design) of computer arts. (1st one, Louise McLennan) They kinda made up for not crediting me the first time so s'all good.

So ya know, check it out. Pretty solid issue, cool tuts from my bros steven bonner and mr.yen.
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im working on a new fancy site and dont know how much effort i should put into optimizing for the large resolutions (ie 1900x1200)

if y'ar interested my sketched version is here:… (requires javascript to be enabled)

it would be good to know how you feel this layout works in your resolution, especially on an iphone (i tried it on my dads iphone and thought it sucked and i should make an iphone redirect to a blog but idk what the normal iphone user would think)

im using 1280x800 sooo thats kinda what the site is primarily designed for

havent updated recently because i had loads of exams n coursework and crap but now i'm freeeee hooray..til i get a job urhg
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ya sorry for the slight spam chums, but the image link for my webcam has broken and i never made a copy of the picture argh!

it was of bashir being thrown against a wall looking rather girlish

this is the cached google version:…

no other star trek screencap even comes close
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my number 1 is lucida handwriting. nothing can shake my deep rooted hatred for that font. IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE HANDWRITING OK JEEZ.

anyway my numbr 2 is people who see anything remotely creative and feel the need to say

"dude the people who make this show must smoke so much weed" (actual quote)

seriously. are they trying to be funny. i guess they are but its VERY ANNOYING AND NOT FUNNY EVER. i have often recieved such comments about my own work in the past which is even more annoying because i've never done any drugs and probably wont (dont take this as some kinda attack on drug users because i dont really care.)


some seem to genuinely take this notion to heart and believe nothing creative can ever be conceived without being 'ttly high omg' and i want to kick them in the nuts or...boob punch...i guess. sorry your brain is too lame to make cool things being normal.

my number 3 pet peeve is people who don't shut up about being drunk or high and tell the same story about either of these every damn time you meet them.

number 4 is comic sans.


im sort of interested in trying some kind of fighting sport thing, but idk what to do maybe does anyone have advice.

bear in mind i am feeble and doughy like bread. and athsmatic.

uhm don't start talking about REPS or CRUNCHES or FEELIN THE BURN i just wanna know whats easy but also i wouldn't be in a class of 7 year olds (like my old swimming class ugh)

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i hate it when a theme or brief for a thing is super douchely boring makes me want to ram the tablet pen through the screen

why can't they be interesting like robot buildings or pink cats or people with severed heads

and OF COURSE the pictures will take forever (even longer when i cant think of nuthin)


oh well its experience for when i maybe become an illustrator and have to draw girls getting cervical cancer jabs woohoo
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my stuff for the anthology of illustration is in computer arts (book cover and spread), unfortunately i'm not named (gah) BUT this bodes well for when i submit to the exposure section soon. FOOT IN THE DOOR. ITS IN THERE.

the thing:

another dream sort of completed
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it should preferably have at least one girl and one guy

i've already thought of 'the knife' and 'the asteroids galaxy tour'

but idk. any ideas?
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i haven't been doin stuff recently coz i have my exams in like 2 days, they end on the 18th. they're on ~*BUSINESS*~ and ~**DATABASES**~ woooooooooooooooooooooo

anyway idk what am i making a journal for ummmmmmm i've recently been trying to push my illustration out there and its HARD. i feel like a blindfolded toddler shooting a BB gun wildly at cans 100 metres away hoping to knock one of them over. i try to do a lot of projects where i work for free for exposure but almost all the ones i find are defunct and aaaaaaaaargh

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my question to you all is, do you enjoy parties?

personally i hate them. ever since pass the parcel was replaced with spin the bottle, they have increasingly sucked.

has anyone played machinarium?

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 5:52 PM
i was wondering how many of y'all are still using tegakie?

i quit because i couldn't take the pre-teen bitching and stupid pokemon gijinka spam. but i kinda really miss it, something aboot that wee box ignited the ol' imagination.

p.s. best journal skin ever or what

Journal Design by Neko-Hanyou-Sakura
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Thu Nov 19, 2009, 5:02 PM
guys i'm stuck in a rut, a rut of CYMK combinations. green feels too christmassy and red feels too dark. orange is too medicinal and purple is too fairy dust. but all this yellow pink and blue simply will not do!

what are ur fav colour schemes?

(this journal skin makes me want to puke but i secretly love it)

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guess again friend!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 2:22 PM
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  • Reading: death note

did my journal title lure you in?

i updated my website, now with ~wordpress~ coz im a lazy ass face (not really im beautiful)

cut out all the traditional stuff coz i want 2 b pro guys and my trad isnt very pro

allllsoooo going to be showing in a group exhibition at the arnolfini in bristol with amelia's magazine i hope (should be pretty sweet)

uhhhhh what else. hmm.

how did y'all like gaga's bad romance video? i thought it was trying to hard to be arty but its still ok. i liked the mouth of sauron costume.

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i'm 20

least i can never be a teenage mother now!